Only in surrender can we ever taste victory
The Holy Land is not like any place I had ever been. Unlike tours of Europe or the famous cities in the United States, the popular sites had nothing to do with battles won or celebrities spotted. Every celebrity-inspired or pride-of-victory historical site I had ever seen paled in significance to these holy, dusty places where Jesus walked.

As we walked to each site—the Sea of Galilee, the garden of Gethsemane—I began to realize that these incredible holy sites had nothing to do with victory and everything to do with surrender.

“Into your hands I commit my spirit,” Jesus said.”

Jesus Surrendered ….
I learned that Jesus was not placed in a manger, but a stone feeding trough. He wasn’t born in a stable, but a cave. In fact, the homes of those days were often carved out of caves. Jesus and his friends often slept in the caves outside of Jerusalem. The prison in which he was kept was actually a limestone cave, carved out underneath the grounds of Caiphas palace. The rock where Jesus stood and took a little boy’s loaves and fishes, blessing and multiplying them to feed a crowd of five thousand, is a rock barely two feet long and maybe three feet wide.

Here is where Mary surrendered to the will of God, and said yes to the birth of Jesus. Here is where Peter dropped his nets, and surrendered his life to the man on the shore. Here is where the little boy surrendered his lunch so the crowd could be fed. Here is where Jesus surrendered to the guards who had come looking for him. Here is where he surrendered his life.

I am still, to this day, trying to absorb the meaning of what I saw there. How antithetical it is to teach and preach surrender.
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Question: How does the concept of surrender strike you as a leadership tool?

Question: Where in your endeavor or enterprise do you need to surrender?

Remember,Spiritreneurs deal with this tension daily. How do we integrate surrender into the business plan? I struggle with the question daily. Yet I am convinced that only in surrender can we ever taste victory.
Blessings for your week of living as a #Spiritreneur,
Laurie Beth Jones