Product Description

Using Ancient Wisdom to Launch And Live Your Dreams. Beyond work, beyond entrepreneurism, there is “spiritreneurism”- work that allows you to do well by doing right. Let Laurie Beth Jones show you how to find soul satisfaction in your work.Testimonial: There’s a new breed of entrepreneur emerging in the business world. One who is interested in promoting their deepest personal and spiritual beliefs, as well as their products and services. They are the ones who launch a business that not only showcases their talents, but also benefits others. Laurie Beth Jones, the best-selling author of Jesus CEO, calls this new breed of leaders “Spiritreneurs”, and has dedicated this book to keeping their dreams alive.The ultimate role model for the Spiritreneur is Jesus Christ, whose leadership style as told in the Bible, incorporated His talents, gifts, and His desire to do well by doing right. According to the author, you are a “Spiritreneur” when you are committed to establishing a business that is a true reflection of your spiritual and personal beliefs. In the coaching profession we call this `authenticity”, that which is a true reflection of oneself. Using Christ as the focal point, we learn how to become real Spiritreneurs. What did He do that made Him the most successful entrepreneur and leader in the world? A few important facets of His life are covered int his book: 

He heeded the call to Spiritreneurship. During the early days He established His identity. He was a Visionary. 

Laurie Beth Jones takes each of these qualities and expounds upon them with relevant Biblical facts that pertain to today’s entrepreneur. I came away from this reading experience with a deeper appreciation of the legacy Christ has left for us to follow. His life was the ultimate model of leadership, and of someone who launched, and lived His dream. 

5 Stars. Highly recommended. Cris LaRue