The Path Elements Profile (PEP)

  • Path Elements Profile

The Path Elements Profile (PEP)


PEP powers relationships!  16 quick questions will assess your personality hard wiring in ways that will astonish, amaze, confirm and affirm you. Customized 13 page print out details how you are likely to act in everything from a-z situations.

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Product Description

The Path Elements Profile (PEP) is a 16-question assessment that you can complete in less than 15 minutes online. It is so intuitively simple and memorable that you will keep using what you learn with family, friends, and colleagues for years to come.

Once you complete the online assessment, you will immediately be able to print an 8-page report that is packed full of details about you and how you relate to those around you. PEP is designed to highlight talents, manage differences and get things done.

PEP is also great for businesses as a whole. Leveraging the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind make it simple to enhance productivity, shifting the communications culture or your organization. PEP will give clarity to anyone who completes it.

3 Quick Steps:
1. Enter the email address for the individual who will be taking PEP.
2. Add the item to your shopping cart and complete the purchase.
3. After registration, watch for an email with easy instructions.

It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It’s life changing. It’s PEP.




  1. (verified owner):

    Author: D.Childers, Childers Oil Co
    My big AHA moment… following our dynamic first PEP session with 15 staff members… realizing as I looked around the room… that I would never think of you (my employees) the same again. I now know your Element style and why you do the things you do! This understanding is huge! As a business owner and team leader, I am excited to realize your natural tendencies and talents in a new perspective. Many positive changes have followed this experience including, enhanced communication efforts with staff and customers, a noticeable patience with each other that was never exhibited before, a desire to honor the element behaviors and values while performing our duties making us way more productive in all departments.”

  2. (verified owner):

    Author: S.Pierson, Cobb-Vantress
    The Four Elements system has become a cornerstone in our training program. The success of the program really surrounds the fact that it is simple and memorable. Our team members have been able to learn personalities in such a way that we will hear them say, “Oh, you Earthy guy,” or “My, you are Windy today.” Those simple statements are more like codes to signal folks that they are being too factual or too goofy. That code opens a world of understanding for us as well as an opportunity to express ourselves respectfully. I, personally, have enjoyed training our folks in this discipline as I can see the understanding start. Realizing that people are simply wired differently than us is huge. Good communication always starts with good understanding.

  3. (verified owner):

    Author: H.Beck, Leadership Tuscarawas
    The Path Elements Profile has been a great tool for our Leadership Tuscarawas program. We use it at the beginning of our 10 month program to let our students quickly learn everyone’s personality type. This knowledge then allows them to decide, based on their strengths, the best way to divide tasks to complete their class community improvement project.

  4. (verified owner):

    Author: C. Daniell
    We have enjoyed using this product to be able to hire employees in our business. We own a family owned and operated used car dealership. This product has helped us tremdously teaching us how to work with other people and find out about ourselves. It is neat to watch our employees discover themselves and to work on areas that will help them grow. Thanks for making this product available.

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