Product Description

Using Ancient Wisdom For Inspired Teamwork. Laurie Beth Jones offers guidance and inspiration on: How to excite your team in order to motivate them; how to ground them so they’ll be realistic about what can be achieved; how to transform them into a truly well functioning team; and how to release them into the world to improve other teams elsewhere. Along the way, the book gives examples of companies in which teams work well together and offers lesons that can help team leaders everywhere sustain themselves and achieve their common goals.


  • This book is probably the best and easiest leadership books I have ever read. Laurie Beth Jones did an amazing job keeping the chapters short, but powerful. This is a book you will want on your desk, like a business reference! Unbeliveable!! A must read for every person who leads anything or anybody! – Kerry F.
  • Very great book for those in any type of leadership position! The best I’ve read in regards to leading others and teams.
  • This book is a wonderful tool for focusing on the importance of your relationship with the people in your team or your employees. It gives a simple, easy to read, but important message on working with people using the example of Jesus and his disciples. I highly recommend it to anyone who manages/supervises people including children! Well written and well worth the read.