Product Description

The secret to team success is elemental. You depend on groups. You depend on the successful otucomes of teamwork. And the keys to productive relationships-whether in a billion-dollar organization or a family-are as basic as fire, water, wind and earth. In The Four Elements of Success, best selling business author Laurie Beth Jones unlocks this ageless wisdom and marries it with a modern personality theory. The result? Powerful new possibilities for collaboration,change, and success. Discover the four elements of success, and you’ll also find the secrets for influence and leadership.Testimonials:

  • What is new and distinctive about Jones’ Path Elements Profile (PEP) is her use of the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire to describe the human personality. The aim of this elemental profiling is to discover how people can work together in teams. The use of the elements may sound New Age – which Jones assures her readers that it is not so. However it will appeal to many in Asia who are familiar with the increasing popularity of Feng Shui. I find it fascinating that Jones uses the four elements not only to explain the various human personalities but also for developing compatible team building. It sounds interesting and may be a powerful tool to understand human beings and human relationships in a community. – Alex T.
  • This book has been very helpful in allowing me to understand my own personality and my co-workers. I recommend everyone read it! – S. Neely
  • I have found this book to be life-changing in the sense of gaining an understanding of not only my personality traits and needs but also of those on my team. As a result, I have been better able to meet their needs and they in turn have been better able to meet the needs of our business. Having read and worked through Laurie Beth Jones book, “The Path”, this book, “The Four Elements of Sucess”, became a natural and necessary extension to our continuing growth and progress. I strongly recommend this book to anyone whether for business or personal life. If all it does is give you a better understanding or yourself or of those around you, that in itself can be priceless. – Karen H.