Hi, I'm Laurie Beth

Beginning with a $500 loan from my mother, I managed to build a community of like-minded path leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others find their personal calling, mission and vision for their work and life. This community is filled with individuals and organizations that are making a difference ‘one mission at a time’ in leadership, teams and communities. Mission is at the center of all we do. It is my hope that as you move through this web experience that you will begin to sense that this is the place you have been looking for, the place you can grow into your personal focus, and then live that out in this community of pathleaders, entrepreneurs and spiritreneurs. Welcome home. Pull up a chair at the table and tell us your story, your journey. We are here to connect.

While I do specialize in teaching and creating practical, memorable applications of universal truths, I have this deep and a profound vision to embrace each person that makes their way here to this community. To see Ezekiel 47 lived out through each life that becomes part of this community or those who take the richness of these tools into the 7 Pillars of Society to engage others in their own transformation, both at home and in the workplace.

Between plane trips, speaking engagements, and writing opportunities, I support my team and the clients I serve and coach. For rest and recreation I so enjoy a day with “Roo,” my Bichon-Frise Yorkie mix, or travel the Southwest to explore the art, beauty and presence of God in the desert. I spend time with family and friends for opportunities of casual fun, entertainment, and some thought-provoking dialogue.

I invite you to engage, connect and find a place where you can bring your talents, gifts and calling to ‘Change the World one Mission at a Time.

On The Path with You,



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Project One: Over the past 20 years I have given support to middle schools and high schools, colleges and universities and students who are at risk for not graduating. One of my strongest beliefs for assisting youth to find their purpose and calling in life stems from my own personal experience of navigating the educational system in order to become a writer. I have pledged continued support and engagement with the Path Across America. This project is ongoing as leaders are trained and released to support the mission of changing the world one mission at a time.

Project Two: Over the past year I have been coaching individuals and executives, as well as, writers who want to write their book and share their story. I am enjoying connecting with individuals in this way and look forward to seeing their books in print and in the hands of readers.
Laurie Beth Jones is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, coach, and trainer. Her business books, written from a spiritual perspective, have received global recognition for the sound, time-proven principles contained within. As a speaker and trainer, she has been invited to present to presidents of countries and companies, business teams, government and the judicial system, churches and ministries, service organizations, and educators.

Her first book, Jesus CEO, Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership, was written when she was struck by the notion that Jesus’ leadership approach with his staff (disciples) ran counter to many of the management styles and techniques being employed and popularized. As the owner of a successful marketing company, Laurie became increasingly dismayed to find invaluable human energy and intelligence untapped or underutilized. She made it her goal to help empower people by encouraging them to re-view the divine excellence in themselves and in those they serve.

She followed with The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life. This book, along with Path Experience Workshops led by Laurie Beth, has provided inspiration and practical advice to thousands of individuals through every step of defining and fulfilling a mission… a mission statement that can be created over a weekend rather than months or years.

In the book, The Four Elements of Success, Laurie introduces two new approaches to the age-old challenge of working with people. The Path Elements Profile (PEPTM) is an intuitive and powerful communication tool that can successfully be employed by individuals of almost any age in any situation. The Elemental Team Challenge is a diagnostic tool for businesses based on twenty-eight principles, gleaned from hundreds of proven best practices that can help transform a team into a powerful and productive entity.

In her most recent release, Jesus, Career Counselor, she defines the big difference between a job, a career, and work. Oftentimes, doing our jobs or chasing after careers is something we grudgingly do. On the other hand, she states, “productive and fruitful work is what God intended for us since the Garden of Eden. She will encourage you in this book to find your best work.

Book Titles:
• Jesus CEO
• The Path
• Jesus in Blue Jeans
• Grow Something Besides Old
• Jesus INC
• Jesus Entrepreneur
• Power of Positive Prophecy
• Teach Your Team to Fish
• Jesus Life Coach
• Life Coach Journal
• Four Elements of Success
• Personal Notes to Graduates
• Jesus Career Counselor

Laurie Beth was recently named one of the top 30 leaders in the United States by an independent research firm. She has been featured in major media outlets and been invited to speak in all pillars of society, such as business, education, health care, government, faith and service organizations, the mass media and the disenfranchised. A business-development coach and consultant to CEO’s and organizations, Laurie Beth has conducted training or provided leadership products for major companies including Tyson Foods, Purina-Nestle, Neiman Marcus, Pfizer, CitiFinancial and American Express.
For complete Bio or to Hire Laurie Beth as a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Consultant or Writer please send an email to: info@lauriebethjones.com We look forward to connecting with you to discuss options for bringing Laurie Beth to your next event.

Laurie’s Client List

Inspiring Industry & Culture

  • Life Enriching Communities
  • Heritage Christian Services
  • Catholic Healthcare Corporation
  • Mercy Healthcare
  • University Hospitals
  • Women in Business Conference
  • Tyson Foods
  • Purina-Nestle
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Cobb-Vantress (Domestic and International)
  • America’s Christian Credit Union
  • Pfizer
  • Conveyor Technology
  • Citi Financial
  • Pinnacle Business Summit
  • Peak Performers
  • ASTD
  • San Dag Governement
  • WD-40
  • Vanguard University
  • Concordia University
  • Lancaster Bible College
  • Roberts Weslyan University
  • Mary-Hardin
  • Baylor
  • Arizona Department of Education
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Pepperdine University
  • Biola University
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Francis Tuttle Leadership Academy
  • Cordova Middle School
  • Mesa School District
  • AZ Springdale School District
  • AR Fontbonne University
  • Yale
  • Baylor University
  • Anderson University
  • Simpson University
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Pentagon – Prayer Breakfast
  • Pentagon – Change Management
  • US Naval Academy
  • Annapolis Mayors Prayer Breakfast
  • British Parliment – British Virgin Islands
  • Young Presidents Organization
  • The Salvation Army
  • YMCA (AL, NC, PA, TX)
  • American Bible Society
  • United Methodist Churches/Denomination
  • Seventh Day Adventist Churches/Denomination
  • Faith Connections at Work
  • Lead Like Jesus
  • Christian Life Cathedral
  • Women of Faith
  • LA Archdiocese
  • Worcester Archdiocese
  • Work Matters
  • International Mennonite Convention, Canada
  • Valwood Coaching
  • World Harvest Church
  • ZOE Christian Fellowship
  • 100 Huntly Street, Canada
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network, CA
  • iLife TV, NC
  • Radio Sessions (Nation wide)
  • KARK, ABC Little Rock
  • CNN Financial
  • Industry Week Magazine Cover Story
  • USA Today
  • Business Week
  • Time Magazine
  • 77Wall Street Journal
  • NPR
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Atlanta Journal
  • Minneapolis Star
  • News 8 Nashville
  • Micro Lending – Mexico
  • Delta Academy – Texas
  • Path Projects
  • Promise House – TX
  • Indianapolis Correctional Facility
  • Arkansas Correctional Facility