About Laurie Beth Jones

Recognizing the importance of using universal language and metaphors to convey deeply held spiritual truths, Laurie Beth Jones has been called by Ken Blanchard and others “One of the Great Thought Leaders of Our Time.”


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My Personal Mission is to recognize, promote, and inspire divine connection in myself and others. I live my mission by writing, speaking and creating opportunities for you to get clear about who you are, what you were created to do, and how to live your highest good in work, life, and relationships.

Beginning with a $500 loan from my mother, I managed to build a community of like-minded path leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others find their personal calling, mission and vision for their work and life. This community is filled with individuals and organizations that are making a difference ‘one mission at a time’ in leadership, teams and communities. Mission is at the center of all we do. It is my hope that as you move through this web experience that you will begin to sense that this is the place you have been looking for, the place you can grow into your personal focus, and then live that out in this community of pathleaders, entrepreneurs and spiritreneurs. Welcome home. Pull up a chair at the table and tell us your story, your journey. We are here to connect.

While I do specialize in teaching and creating practical, memorable applications of universal truths, I have this deep and a profound vision to embrace each person that makes their way here to this community. To see Ezekiel 47 lived out through each life that becomes part of this community or those who take the richness of these tools into the 7 Pillars of Society to engage others in their own transformation, both at home and in the workplace.

Between plane trips, speaking engagements, and writing opportunities, I support to my team and the clients I serve and coach. For rest and recreation I so enjoy a day with “Roo,” my Bichon-Frise Yorkie mix, or travel the Southwest to explore the art, beauty and presence of God in the desert. I spend time with family and friends for opportunities of casual fun, entertainment, and some thought-provoking dialogue.

I invite you to engage, connect and find a place where you can bring your talents, gifts and calling to ‘Change the World one Mission at a Time.

On The Path with You,


Praises for Laurie Beth Jones

“She taught readers how to be Christians in business. Now Jones, business consultant and author of the bestselling Jesus CEO, is helping readers find their ideal careers. Jones encourages readers to cultivate a vocation in which they can naturally and joyfully be fruitful. Employing biblical examples and her own experiences, Jones coaches readers, directing them to decipher what “bubbles up inside” and can be “poured into the world from your soul while you’re working”… She also offers practical advice, résumé-writing techniques, and categorical prayers. For the many who are out of work or for those who just need a change, Jones’s wisdom may stir them to view work in a new light.”
Jane D


” I am the Director of a Discipleship School for college aged students and we have used the PEP profile for many years with our team. Our team discussed the results today and we walked through some different exercises that would help us understand each others elements better. Our students had a blast with it. I have taken many different personality assessments over the years, but I believe that the PEP is the best one out there and is the easiest to understand.”
Erika B.
“The Path Element Profile (PEP) has proven to be the most effective tool I have ever used for providing a common behavior based language among a team. It has allowed our project group of 50 strong to interact more effectively by giving us the right words and positive energy to manage through differences in work style. It has been three years since the initial session and we still refer to our PEP elements on a daily basis!”
Lisa I. OH
“As a Counselor, I do several pre-marital sessions to get couples ready for productive communication. When I came across the Path Elements Profile I had been using some assessment tools for years that were getting good results. Once I tried PEP (Path Elements Profile) I cannot imagine using anything else. It is intuitive, simple and gets immediate results with couples. I highly recommend it.
Gene P. Michigan