You could live your entire life not knowing your purpose or mission.

Showing up each day at work, in your family, or as a leader and not be clear about what you were created to be and represent in the world….

I am a writer who enjoys simplifying things to make them easier.

I wrote the Path: Creating Your Mission for Work and Life after I realized that I was close to living my purpose as a writer but not completely living it.  I needed a recipe to follow.  I needed some accountability to a process that I knew was going to work for myself and for others.  The Path was born and has served many as a tool to help them get clear about their purpose and mission.

One of our primary focuses is to help others harness their ‘world-changing’ mission.

The Path changed my world from writing Ad Copy to writing over 15 books and working on the next one.  The Path can shift your perspective and intention in a few guided weeks.  If you want to reach out with a question you can send an email to or use the Chat Bot on the page.  We are here to help guide your journey.

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