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UK – Mission Found!

I have been going through a period of what I’ve called ‘giant transition’ for several years. This year 2014, I finally realised that it was a WILDERNESS experience that God had called me into. Now, I had come across Jesus, CEO, and loved it. Indeed, the WOWSE concept was a massive factor in keeping the faith to believe in a major project that looked dead and buried and somehow at the death God turned up and gave victory. But there was more for me to learn. And I had no idea how much.

Now, back in 2011, after a period of fasting and prayer, I had been led to make a mission statement of my own. I put it up on my wall and tried to believe it, but the circumstances of my life were too complex and too crushing and I spent more time trying to sabotage the vision than live it. I needed healing on levels that I could not access for a long time, but as the Holy Spirit continued to work in my life, I eventually found myself holding a copy of The Path.

I read the first 50/60 pages 2 or 3 times before the import of what she was saying began to hit home and I realised that I needed to put down my stupid pride and start doing the exercises. This was not a straightforward process. Lots of things bubbled to the surface and had to be prayed over. But eventually I came out with what she would call a ‘mission statement’ (I’m calling mine a ‘vision statement’) and then what she calls her ‘personal passion’ is what I am calling my ‘mission statement.’ Three months later I am as sure as I can be that I have found the direction for my life’s work, and it is time to now knuckle down to some practical goal setting with dates!

I have written about the most recent part of this process on my blog and encourage all who are open-minded enough to read Ms. Jones’ work for themselves. I see that the internet is full of those who speak against what she writes, but I’m a theologian in a highly conservative denomination and I just wish that folk could read and think in straight lines. I praise God for the work of this foundation and pray that Laurie Beth and her team would continue to ‘take their lives and let them be, consecrated Lord, to Thee.’


Erika B. – PEP is the best assessment out there!
 I am the Director of a Discipleship School for college aged students and we have used the PEP profile for many years with our team.  Our team discussed the results today and we walked through some different exercises that would help us understand each others elements better.  Our students had a blast with it.  I have taken many different personality assessments over the years, but I believe that the PEP is the best one out there and is the easiest to understand.
Erika B.
Christi D. – Path Elements Profile

We have enjoyed using this product to be able to hire employees in our business. We own a family owned and operated used car dealership. This product has helped us tremendously teaching us how to work with other people and find out about ourselves. It is neat to watch our employees discover themselves and to work on areas that will help them grow. Thanks for making this product available.

Christi D., MS

Luis G. – Jesus in Blue Jeans

Your book Jesus In Blue Jeans made a huge impact in my life! Not only can I
relate to a lot of the stories in the book, but you opened up my eyes even
more. The way you put what goes on today and connected every event to the
Bible was amazing. Because of your book I have grown more spiritually. I
read certain chapters to my sisters and have encouraged them to read your
book. My favorite chapter was He Gave The Gift Of His Presence. I feel as
if God put this book on my hand for a big reason. I just wanted to say
thank you and may the Lord keep blessing you.  Luis G.

Joseph P C. – Jesus, CEO

Many years ago I was in an office Depot buying supplies for my ministry and for some reason I found myself in front of their very limited book rack (before eBooks) and your book Jesus,CEO caught my eye. I had never thought of Jesus in that way, so I thought what the heck let me see how this author can twist the scriptures to say what she wants them to say. Well I started reading and found I was becoming more intrigued than critical of you as the author. I found that all your examples, scripture references, etc. were all on the mark. Long story short, I still have that original copy and now with a staff of 10 counselors, we all go through every chapter at least 1x per year and it is required reading for any of my new staff and most of my interns. Thank you for thinking and writing outside of the traditional teaching on Christian leadership. You have certainly impacted my life and the lives of those around me.

Gaye L. – Inspiration

Laurie Beth changed my life when she helped me get clear on why my life matters on this earth. Her writing, coaching, mentoring, and leadership have strengthened my faith and provided clarity in my business and how I want to show up in this world. There are a lot of other neat things that I would love to say about how she masterfully changes lives. But what’s most important is this: Laurie Beth chooses to make a difference in people’s lives, and I am grateful for that. And she is a whole lot of fun. Her laughter is one of the best parts of who she is. What an honor to call her coach, mentor, and friend.

— Gaye Lindfors
Author: God, Girlfriends, and Chocolate

Gaye Lindfors, Chief Solutions Officer
Significant Solutions, Inc.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Lynette O. – The Path

About eight years ago a friend and I decided to do The Path. We regularly met for an hour at a coffee shop and worked through the book.I really learnt a lot about myself and sharing this experience with my Friend was very special. The questions about where I see myself in 5 years’ time really sent me dreaming. I envisioned life in my favorite Karoo dorpie(town)in South Africa,namely Nieu-Bethesda,famous for the outsider artist Helen Martins’ Owlhouse. This was a far cry from the life I was living in the booming mine town/city of Rustenburg about 1500 km’s to the north.

Well I did not have to wait 5 years for my dream to be realised. Within 3 years we had bought a plot and built a tiny home in Nieu-Bethesda and on September 1st this year it will be 5 years that we are living the dream. I still pinch myself from time to time.We have made wonderful new friends,are part of a tiny community where everybody gets involved in making things happen and are living the simple life I had craved.

I have since done the Laurie Beth Profile test online and have streamlined my initial profile and are eternally grateful to her for making me a living testimonial that If you can/dare to dream it can happen.

Lynette Olivier

Theron T. – Inspiration

Dear Friends,

I have been so blessed to come to know The Lord Jesus Christ in a life saving way since 1972…. The personal revelation of God’s Love and amazing life intervention throughout history has set my heart on secure ground with strong motivation to pursue Life out of a complex wounded childhood.
Laurie Beth’s writing style was so fresh and simple it greatly assisted my emotional well being during a most difficult time of my life when life shattering realizations were crushing my well being… It has been so tremendous to read clear expression which was not filled with indoctrination …. I have bought many copies to share with friends and family over the years to comfort and edify.
Thank you.

Sincerely, Theron Turner

LadyNic – The Path, The Four Elements of Success

I was first introduced to LBJ through her book , “The Path”. It anchored my faith and gave me an ability to focus my small business to compel, embrace and excite not-for-profits with media and fashion through education. Over the years, I have grown to influence and mentor young adults into finding their mission and purpose in life.

I recently finished reading, “The Four Elements of Success” twice. I realized that my life has been masquerading as a fire/wind and I need to confirm as well as affirm the water/earth ready to be released. Your material is direct and concise. I found myself with an ability to hone my thoughts as to where I need to heal and mature. Lastly, I have since checked out a few more of your books, “Jesus, CEO”, “The Power of Positive Prophecy” and “Jesus in Blue Jeans” to name a few. I look forward in being able to enlighten more youth and young adults on their work/life path; graduating elementary and high school with a sense of purpose.

I pray continued blessings for you and your team. Should you choose to update any of your material, I would love to be involved.

LadyNik, Chicago

Marc S. – Jesus, CEO, The Path

Laurie Beth Jones has had a far-reaching impact on my life. Back in 1995 I discovered Jesus, CEO. The book made a truly profound difference to my life. Her many insightful stories about Jesus helped me define what was important to me, both in the way I chose to run my auto detail company and the way I set my priorities in life.Her book was as beloved to me as a favorite children’s book.
Then came The Path. I carried the “Mission statement” torch into my Toastmasters club, presenting my best speech up to date with convincing results. We bought copies of the book for all members and within several months both the mission statement and a vision statement for the club were printed each week on the agenda and announced before each meeting by the Sgt. at arms.
The turning point came when I sent her my book, The Coolness of Josh, thanking her for the wonderful influence she had on me, and on my relationship with my beloved son, Josh. Laurie Beth sent me a hand written card in return, kindly saying how much my book had touched her.
I soon found out she was doing author coaching.This was amazing to me, and I eagerly signed up. I will never forget our first meeting over the phone! What an honor and what a joy! Since that day we have laughed, shared and I’ve benefited enormously from our relationship. I am very encouraged as a result to pursue all my areas of giftedness.
Laurie Beth has become one of my greatest gifts from God and a mantle of blessing for my life. I thank God for her great insights,her questioning of assumptions, her keen discernment, and her great joy. She is one of my favorite literary influences, and now I have the honor to be able to talk with her in person! Miracles happen! As Disney says: “Dreams Come True.”
It really is an honor to know Laurie Beth Jones and to be part of the work that you are doing. Thank you very much.

Please take care,
God bless you abundantly,

Marc Swift
The Coolness of Josh

Madga W. – Jesus in Blue Jeans






Magda Ways

Jim L. – The Path

I have found a dynamic working in the writing of Laurie Beth. Her short, straight to the point writing allowed me to have the point she was making sink in and be of use immediately.

The concept of The Path has enlightened me to a greater purpose for my life. It has also given me a desire to help other people discover their Path.

Jim LeBlanc

Stella P. – The Path

1997, I was single mother with a three-year-old son. I just come off welfare. It Was a terrifying season because for several years I’ve been depended upon the system. In the midst of my own life changes, God spoke to me and told me to start a business. I was searching desperately for the courage to step out.

Fearful at first, I waited. One day I was going through the bookstore shelves on self-help books and I came across a book entitled The Path.

I combed through every word! The clarity this book gave me regarding my purpose, my mission, my values, everything she covered brought life to my future and fed my dreams. Within its pages, I found the courage I so desperately needed to start my own business. This incredible book by Laurie Beth Jones, became somewhat of a roadmap for me and the discovery of why I am here. Even her mission statement which encapsulated some of my own values, helped me shape my own mission. It has been a wonderful journey. And since that season of my life I have gone on to lead a very successful consulting business myself.

That three-year-old is about to graduate from community college. And has been accepted to two universities. And will likely have full scholarship to both.

Without a doubt The Path was a tool God dropped in my hand to help sculpt my own future. I own every book Laurie Beth has ever written! I use them as guidepost along my path.
At time I have referred others to these wonderful volumes. And I cannot tell you how many copies I have given away! Thank you Laurie thank you so very much.

On a final note. I remember reading in one of her books about the women she had encouraged to write books and how they all stood across the stage. And though I will never stand on the stage with you, Laurie, in my heart I feel as if I am among tthat number. You are wonderful and we are grateful for God’s gift of you to us all.

Stella Payton

LeeAnn S. – The Path, Path Elements Profile

Laurie Beth’s book The Path has been an inspiration many times throughout my life and career. Not only did I define and experience a clearer vision by working through the book the first time years ago, but I periodically return to it to reevaluate where I am at, and where I want to be. It is my favorite book to give as a gift, or recommend when I meet others that are struggling to define what is next in life.

I also highly recommend taking the Path Elements Profile and learning about The Four Elements. This is an excellent tool that is easy to remember and apply to not oily yourself, but your co-workers and family. I followed this with group coaching and was amazed to experience the process and what an impact it made to define my values and mission statement.

Laurie Beth, you have a special gift of inspiration, and a talent to guide people in discovering their true mission so that we can live life to the fullest! Thank You!


LeeAnn Nixon Stokes
Vice President
Existing Business Services

Benedict G. – The Path

1992 I had lost my business and got into debts. I had hit the pits of depression and I was trying to do all kinds of stuff to earn some money to keep the kettle on boil. Whatever I tried failed.

It was at this point in time that I decided something had to be done. I locked myself into a room for 48 hours and went through THE PATH. I came up with my mission statement. I found myself.

I did not become a millionaire after that but living became lot more meaningful.

Bible says “People without visions perish” I am so certain that unless my work is done on this earth no power on earth can destroy me.

Thanks so much Lawrie.


Benedict Gnaniah


Richard E. – The Path

Throughout one’s life journey there are many people that are placed into one’s life because of situations or circumstances…or special appointments from God. I believe it was the third one that allowed me to come to know about Laurie Beth Jones and “The Path.”

It was in 2003 that my wife and I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for me to attend a week of Certification with FranklinCovey to become a Certified Franklin Life Coach.

That actually was only the beginning of the Journey. The opportunity was was made available to me to meet many of the Coaches that were a part of the program. But it was after the program, when accoutability kicked in, and I was given one individual to work with for my final certification. Kip was a life send…one that gave direction, accountability and transformation. He introduced me to Laurie’s book “The Path.”

We took three months to work through the process, spending most of that time developing my Mission Statement. Every assignment within the pages of “The Path” began to build the steps to my coming Mission Statement.

It was because of our time together that today as I look back to that special time and process and see literally 100’s of individuals that I have worked with, using “The Path”…from individuals, groups (even a class of young married couples), families, organizations…give clarity and meaning to their lives from working with me (and the use of The Path) on setting new life purpose, vision and direction to their future.

Mine as seen below…”Inspiring People…Illuminating Their Passion”

Thank you for allowing me to express a bit of what it has meant to me to have Laurie Beth Jones speak into my life.

Richard R. Eley, Ph.D.
Certified Franklin Covey Coach
The Lamplighter Coaching
Inspiring People…Illuminating Their Passion

Janine F. – The Path

Laurie Beth Jones, book, “The Path”, changed my life. When I discovered “The Path” I was at a crossroads in my life. I had just lost a job, which had defined me for many years, and I was searching for what to do next. Finding that book was truly an act of divine intervention!

After creating my personal mission statement, I felt like I’d been given a gift that everyone on the planet deserved to have! I wanted to learn how I, too, could become a messenger of hope, possibility, and significance, so I enrolled in a Path workshop that Laurie Beth was conducting, to learn how to become a licensed Path Facilitator! The workshop that I attended brought the clarity that I had been searching for. Through the workshop, and with Laurie Beth’s help, I discovered that my mission is to “inspire, enlighten, and facilitate clarity”. Having a mission statement has as an internal compass that has guided me to places I never dreamt of going, but I am deeply grateful for the blessing that having clarity about my purpose in life has brought!

I am forever grateful for Laurie Beth’s wisdom, and the gift she has of bringing Jesus’s messages forth in such a practical, yet profoundly inspiring way! I’ve recommend the book to so many others and will continue to do so whenever I can!


Janine Finney
Co-Author of “The Flip Flop CEO”

Dwayne S. – Jesus, CEO

In 1996 I read Jesus, C.E.O. by Laurie Beth and used those teachings in my private life as well as my business life as a first generation Funeral Director, (undertaker, mortician) whatever you call me. That particular book focused me on being the kind of leader my staff would want and positioned me to become a leader in our state association and eventually the President of the National Funeral Directors Association. I was so blessed and fortunate to have Ms. Jones as a spokesperson at a workshop for the National Funeral Directors Association several years ago, and I have funeral directors across this great country still tell me how her words have inspired and help change their lives. Her work will continue to inspire many people, who she will never know during this lifetime, but believe me, God’s blessings have reached thousands of lives through Laurie Beth Jones efforts. Continue to do what you do, as it is a testiment to Jesus life and teachings. God bless you all.

Dwayne R. Spence
Canal Winchester, Ohio

Holly S. – Books

I discovered Laurie Beth’s book 10 years ago as I was going through midlife transitions. Her work has helped shape me and my ministry, Midlife Momentum, which helps others navigate the transitions of Midlife and Beyond. In my workshops, coaching and retreats I often refer others to Laurie Beth’s work. She has helped me to focus my time and energy on those things I am called and gifted to be doing in my second adulthood.

Holly Schut
Midlife Momentum

Kathy L. – The Path

The Path literally taught me who I was and how my character works well with others. It also taught me that I am OK, my thoughts are as they should be, and the yearning to ‘be someone else’ finally began to stop. In understanding myself, I can now understand others. I have studied psychology and sociology for years. I am very familiar with the Myers Briggs testing. But now I understand where I stand in the universe of our Creator. Simply…I am equal parts Wind and Water. And I am find with that. Thank you, LB, for stating the obvious so simply.


Doug S. – Jesus, CEO

Some years ago I purchased the book Jesus CEO and have enjoyed it very much. I am seventy-four now but was a pastor for many years and taught a lot of Bible Conferences and Seminars here in the states and in other countries.

I mention this because on several occasions I used Jesus CEO as a personal reference and as an inspiration. I still use it because one reason I responded to your request is because just in the last couple of days I was going over parts of it again.

Trust this helps and keep the good work going.
God Bless

Doug Slay
Institute For Living

Mirian E. – The Path

Reading the book, The Path, was life changing for me. I signed up for a retreat called The Path and It encouraged me to take the path elements profile. I found out my natural element was wind. That was an “aha” for me. I discovered I was a wind but was forcing myself to be an earth and wondered why my life was not working.

As a result, I quit my job, started my own business and am now a certified life coach and CPA. I work with business women as a consultant and coach empowering them to run their business and personal life with clarity and focus. I use the path element profile in my business with my clients.

Because I love Laurie Beth’s writings and have every book she has written, I wanted to meet her. My husband and I flew to San Diego and had lunch with her and Shelley, her assistant. Laurie Beth is delightful and as authentic as they come.

My life has been changed because of her writings, her faith, her elements of success, and her desire to share life experiences with others. I am looking forward to her next book release, The Contessa Chronicles.

Coach Miriam Ezell
CFO on Call
CORE Business Strategies

Johnny C – Jesus, Life Coach

Laurie Beth has inspired and motivated me in a wonderful way. For over a year I have been in decernment praying for clairity and understanding for God’s plan in my life. Early last fall, a friend was having a moving sale. He Had hundreds of books to sell, many had never been read. It was there, while helping him get organized for the sale, that Jesus Life Coach jumped out of the mountain of books and into my hand. It was hard to put it down and it soon became part of my daily morning reading. After reading it, marking it up with notes, and highlighting many parts of the book, I called Laurie Beths’s organization. With Shelly’s encouragement, I purchased the Path. I now have started the process of my Path and God is revealing my mission and purpose to help others. Laurie Beth Jones’s stories and writing has helped me to sit, think, and more importantly be still and listen to God speaking.
Chef Johnny.

Georgette B. – Jesus, CEO

Laurie Beth Jones has inspired me greatly! Her life and her work have truly helped to portray to me how to be excellent in Jesus. God used her as a mentor and model for me to learn from as I take my own steps towards becoming a writer and a woman of Faith who inspires, encourages, and motivates others to be the best they can be in Jesus. Her work encouraged me to not give up on the dreams God gave me and helped provide the courage to keep taking those steps of faith toward the dreams of writing books that change destinies. These books will share how real God is in our personal lives and show how God transforms us in powerful ways using personal experiences and lessons learned. Laurie Beth’s writing is with a purpose and this is how too I hope to have my work be. I loved Jesus, CEO and read it first in 2002 and again in 2005 and a third time just recently. The book had underlines and stars throughout, for there was much to spoke to my heart!  Jesus, Life Coach has been read twice. I love how the life living principles taught by Jesus were articulated to us the reader in a way that helps to shed new light on a truth we may have previously heard or learned. Her books are great resources to keep nearby helping me in my own endeavor to be the woman God has called me to be each day.  Sometimes some of us did not have the proper influences around to point and show the way of how to go about accomplishing our dreams, especially if those dreams looked nothing like what was currently understood or known. God used Laurie Beth to be that figure for me to see and to learn from in vital crucial ways.  As I work on my writing projects, I have her books nearby as a reminder, if God places something in our hearts, they are meant to do, and He will make a way, especially if I do my best to follow the life lessons that Laurie Beth’s books help, to guide the way. I believe she is a beautiful wonderful example of a heart that loves her God and does her best to bring her best self to the world to make a difference in the lives of others. The greatest teachers and mentors out there are the ones that are fruitful and multiply. I believe she is that teacher and mentor. I plan to live out my God given dreams and purposes too and my prayer is that many hearts would be healed and inspired along the way.

Thank you Miss Laurie Beth Jones! God bless you in all of your endeavors!


Sandy E. – The Path

At the age of 26 I first read the book The Path. I had no idea who Laurie Beth was and like others, had not read Jesus, CEO.  The book absolutely changed my life.  As a consultant working with many clients and billing for my time, I was able to refine my goals and strategies not only personally but professionally so that my personal mission statement forced me to make good decisions. If a new client, or a new opportunity, or even a new personal option didn’t align with all three components of my mission statement, I could easily say “No!” I did this without guilt or concern because I knew that if I said “Yes” I would not be giving my client the best and I would not be giving myself the best. Now more than 15 years later, I have given away the book The Path more than 100 times and still live by it!

Joe S. – Jesus, Career Counselor

Jesus, Career Counselor

Laurie Beth, Laurie Beth, Laurie Beth: Until a few weeks I did not know who you were. I was listening to a pod cast you did with Dan Miller. I not only love people who are smart, but when a person can laugh. So I ordered Jesus Career Counselor. Now this 57-year old, bi-vocational pastor from New Jersey is a Laurie Beth Jones fan!

So much of what you cover in this book just resonates with me and speaks on many levels. We’ve been in a series on spiritual warfare. When your book arrived, I began to read “A New Vision for Your Life’s Work” and I thought, “Here is just another area where the thief has robbed us” (John 10:10 happens to be my life verse). That Sunday morning during my message I shared your 12 dreams of the Holy Spirit. Laurie Beth this is great stuff! I am so glad you listened and wrote it down. I hope you know this is much more than a career counseling book. To me it’s a book that every Christian should read (maybe I should work for your publisher 🙂

In closing I want you to know that I have begun reading Jesus Life Coach and the Path book is on its way. I have learned in these past few years that I need to focus and play to my strengths. I have been praying about pursuing a career in Life Coaching. We’ll see what the Lord has, music, coaching, both… I find this to be such an exciting time in my life. God is so good isn’t He? Most importantly, I want to encourage you to keep doing whatever and walking however the Lord is leading you! Keep listening, keep writing, and keep laughing; don’t stop! I believe you have such an important voice that the body of Christ needs to hear. Thank you for what you do.

Joe S.  NJ

Bhaskar, India – Four Elements of Success

4E of Success:

I really enjoy your books. They really help me at work, at home and at church. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.
Recently I read ‘4 Elements of success’ it helped me to prepare a team building program for our inter-denominational prayer group at church to bring people together and serve as one body.
Thank you once again. Keep writing for the Lord’s glory.

In Him, 

Bhaskar, India

Billie Jo – Jesus, CEO

Just wanted to say thank you – I just finished Jesus, Ceo – About a month ago I happened to see the book on my CEO’s desk – It sparked my interest so I bought a copy. I was impressed and excited. I am a manager of a team of 15 people. I hope I can use the principles in your book effectively with my team and learn from Jesus just how to be a leader. Thank you. 

Billie Jo, TX

Petrina R. – Books

The one thing that is outstanding in your style of writing is that you get people to stop and think. In the mad rush of today’s work life, we sure need people like you, who do not want to get going cause that’s what we all are supposed to do. I find that you rather want to know why you should be getting up and going and you have found the reason and purpose to the larger joy of life – “The Joy of Knowing God Lives in Us and is with Us All the Time”.

There is one thing that put the biggest smile ever on my face ever. The line in the book where the little boy asked you, “Do you know what were the first words of Jesus when He came outta the tomb” and the answer is Oscar Winning – “Ta-dah!”. I relate to this so much, cause that’s how personal I feel God is to each one of us. That we could express Him in thoughts, words and deeds. I have personally experienced Him laughing heartily and enjoying every moment.

Your book has put a smile on my face and you sure have won one more reader to your list. I Thank JESUS in a very special way for you and your team, for the wonderful work you all have dedicated your life to. God Bless You All.

– A Reader who has been really touched and inspired by your work.
THANK YOU for being YOU !!!!

Petrina R.

Daniel K. – Jesus, CEO

JESUS CEO: Dear Ms. Jones, I am simply amazed at how God sometimes works wonders right in front of our own very eyes! I have recently been seeking God’s guidance for my business, trying to discover a better way to restructure the company, with the heart of the business resembling that of God’s word and the teachings of Christ. Tonight, it was no coincidence that I found a big part of that answer, literally down on my knees. My wife and I had just finished dinner, celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary, when we came across a bookstore and decided to stop in. In all our 10 years of friendship plus 9 more years of marriage, I can’t remember one single time that we casually strolled into a bookstore just to pass the time.

As my wife looked for some reading for the children, I began searching through some books on business to see what I could find. I spent about 45 minutes reading every title and glancing through some of books, up until my cell phone rang. It was my wife. I had lost track of time, and she had lost track of me. It was a fairly large bookstore. My time was up, yet I had still not found exactly what I was looking for. I had searched through most of the books, except for those that were sitting on the bottom shelf. And so I knelt down in the middle of the isle, on both knees, and kept searching. That’s when I came across you’re book, Jesus CEO. I opened up the cover and started reading the contents and immediately realized, that me finding this book, was an answered prayer.

Thank you so much for what you have given. I can truly believe (without even knowing), that this gift you received was given to you at the same place I found it – DOWN ON MY KNEES!

Daniel K., TN.

Christine – Books

Laurie Beth; I want to thank you for your books…I have read 3 of them now and have a few more to go. I have enjoyed each of them and have learned much. I’m 40 something and have been in ‘transition’ for 6 years after trying to make my round-self fit into a square-peg career. I’ve had a calling for biblical counseling for about 3 years now but until this January haven’t sought out formal education. I am now on my counseling path and am so excited to see what Jesus is going to do. Your books have enhanced my education and I can’t wait to share your wisdom with others. Your books will be a permanent part of my library as a resource to my future counselees/coachees. May the Lord continue to use you and bless you in a mighty way. You are living my dream-with the exception of I don’t have a desire to deal with corporate issues as much as being a personal life coach/counseling and doing retreats for women…I think that is the fill me up/bless others direction I’m being called to. At any rate…your words and wisdom have just been icing on an already decadent cake! I have been so truly blessed by her books and words of wisdom.

Christine, MT

Ingyr C. – The Path

Doors opening-I received an email from ELITE (Evolving Lives into total Excellence) which I know as a clothing company that is local in Columbus, Ohio. Never paid any attention to the name, emails are mainly for coupons.  The subject of this email was ELITE Studios Celebrates New Chapter!  I was curious so I read the email and it was about the company deciding to focus on personal image makeovers, custom clothing services, and working with our young ladies to ensure they are equipped with the proper social & leadership skills needed to become productive members of society.  It also stated that you can join forces with us, respond to this email.  I have never met the owner of the company before but was lead to respond to her email.  I explained a little bit about The Path and she is excited and interested in discussing it further.  We are in the process of setting up a time to meet.  God is opening up a door for me and it came in the form of a unexpected email!  “My mission is to encourage, inspire, and renew integrity and love in myself and others!”

Ingyr C. OH

Gaye L. – Path Elements Profile

I love the question, “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”  Why?  It’s bigger and bolder than stating, “I hate my job.”  I’ve had discussions recently with some very smart, successful women who know that they want something more out of life—at work and in the rest of their lives.  We’re finding the answers together as we look at their Path Elements Profiles and create their mission statements.  This is just so cool!  Living and working with purpose…creating more abundant joy.  Just as Jesus desired. “My mission is to highlight, celebrate and inspire significance in myself and others.”

Gaye L, MN

Tim R. – Path Elements Profile

I took this Path Profile as part of a Leadership training program through the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce that was faciliatated by Sherry McKillop, owner of Follow Your Compass. I was so impressed with my results as well as the results of my group and the people I work with that I wished my wife would be able to take the Profile test. My hope is that our relationship and understanding of one another strengthens and opens new doors in our life especially with the recent birth of our first child who is now 21 months old.

Tim R., CA

Dana T. – The Four Elements of Success

The Four Elements of Success has helped us to understand that people are different. It helped us understand each person’s personality in our company and how they can be most successful – like putting a fire in a leadership role, etc. The program also helped marriages and how we can better understand our spouses – their strengths and challenges. It has even helped with raising our kids and understanding why they do what they do. I would recommend this program to anyone in business who wants to improve communication, continuity and teamwork.

Dana T. MS.


Donna C. – Path Elements Profile

My big AHA moment… following our dynamic first PEP session with 15 staff members… realizing as I looked around the room… that I would never think of you (my employees) the same again. I now know your Element style and why you do the things you do! This understanding is huge! As a business owner and team leader, I am excited to realize your natural tendencies and talents in a new perspective. Many positive changes have followed this experience including, enhanced communication efforts with staff and customers, a noticeable patience with each other that was never exhibited before, a desire to honor the element behaviors and values while performing our duties making us way more productive in all departments.”

Donna C., TN

Gene P. – Path Elements Profile

As a Counselor, I do several pre-marital sessions to get couples ready for productive communication. When I came across the Path Elements Profile I had been using some assessment tools for years that were getting good results. Once I tried PEP (Path Elements Profile) I cannot imagine using anything else. It is intuitive, simple and gets immediate results with couples. I highly recommend it.’

Gene P. Michigan


Charity L. – Path Elements Profile

I live and work as an independent midwife with my own practice in the Netherlands. I was listening to Laurie Beth’s interview with Valorie Burton at “enjoy”, where she was talking about PEP. I was more interested in how PEP was used in schools with children who have difficulties in learning like dyslexia. That interview was like a breath of fresh air in my life, an answered prayer because I was at a point of giving up on my daughter. Being a strong person, I never give up easily I knew there was an answer out there. Hearing what Laurie said changed the way I saw my child and myself. I was ushered a detailed report over my daughter to sign but something on the inside said no. What I heard that day confirmed what I was feeling on the inside. I took radical steps and removed my child from that school because they wanted to label her with negative psychology. I bought the PEP book and managed to do PEP assessment on line. My daughter’s confidence and I was nul. Having done the assessment gave both of us insights as to how to relate to each other. As a parent I learned a lot. Today I am so glad that both of us have gained much confidence. As for me it gave me understanding of who I am. I used to feel like I belong outside the box and never understood why? It also gave me insight as to how people responded to my wiring. After doing PEP assessment I engaged in the path training, it gave me clarity. My life is changed and I am blessed. When you know who you are and your mission in life you are pretty much unstoppable. My life is set up right now and I am creating my dream into reality.

Charity L., Netherlands

Kathy C. – The Four Elements of Success

I recommend that anyone interested in a program that will assist your team with communication and a process that will excite, ground, transform release the power of teamwork ….look into The Four Elements of Success by Laurie Beth Jones.

Kathy C.

Sheila P. – The Four Elements of Success

The Four Elements system has become a cornerstone in our training program. The success of the program really surrounds the fact that it is simple and memorable. Our team members have been able to learn personalities in such a way that we will hear them say, “Oh, you Earthy guy,” or “My, you are Windy today.” Those simple statements are more like codes to signal folks that they are being too factual or too goofy. That code opens a world of understanding for us as well as an opportunity to express ourselves respectfully. I, personally, have enjoyed training our folks in this discipline as I can see the understanding start. Realizing that people are simply wired differently than us is huge. Good communication always starts with good understanding.

Sheila P., AR

Heather B, Leadership Tuscarawas – Path Elements Profile

I took the profile myself back in 2005 and recently purchased profiles for two of my sons. I have found the four elements to be immensely helpful in I) understanding and appreciating my own strengths and 2) interacting with others both at home and work.
The Path Elements Profile has been a great tool for our Leadership Tuscarawas program. We use it at the beginning of our I0 month program to let our students quickly learn everyone’s personality type. This knowledge then allows them to decide, based on their strengths, the best way to divide tasks to complete their class community improvement project.

Leadership Tuscarawas, Ohio

Lisa I. – Path Elements Profile

The Path Element Profile (PEP) has proven to be the most effective tool I have ever used for providing a common behavior based language among a team. It has allowed our project group of 50 strong to interact more effectively by giving us the right words and positive energy to manage through differences in work style. It has been three years since the initial session and we still refer to our PEP elements on a daily basis!

Lisa I. OH