Path Elements Assessment
$ 28.99 each

Path Elements Assessment for a Single User

The Path Elements Assessment is designed the way the brain is wired to think, in pictures. Using the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind found in nature we have created a framework to make communication fun, simple and useful. Communication is our number one tool we use every day. Using the Path Elements Framework© makes it easy to improve relationships at home and at work. Includes a PDF Path Elements Report.


Path Elements Assessment 10
$ 26.50 each

Save $24.90

Path Elements Assessment for 10 Users

Start sharing the Path Elements with your team, family or book club! You save money when you buy them in a pack. Plus it gives you an instant tool for communication that is easy to remember, recall and apply to any conversation. The Path Elements Reports are packed with information about you. One huge difference you will see immediately is how fun it is to share your Element, know your team in a new way, and see your kids in a whole new light!


Path Elements Assessment 25
$ 23.95 each

Save $125.00

Path Elements Assessment for 25 Users

Need access to individual user reports? Need to compare a Manager to a new hire? Want to see how compatible your sales team is to your marketing team? The Path Elements 25 pack comes with Dashboard Access for a monthly fee. You also receive 25 assessments to get things rolling. Bridging communication for your teams by giving them a tool that is fun and easy to use can be a game changer.


Path Elements Assessment 65
$ 21.00 each

Save $799

Path Elements Assessment for 65 Users

For larger teams that want access to the Dashboard and have over 50 team members who need to access the assessment and reports. This gives you access to all data plus 65 Path Elements Assessments to get things rolling with your team. The more you compare the data between members of your team, the more enlightened you become about how communication is impacting your bottom line and the overall vision and direction of the organization.