Path Elements Personality Assessment

Take the Path Elements Personality Assessment

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The Path Elements Personality Assessment is designed the way the brain is wired to think – in pictures.

Based on the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind,

the assessment is designed as a communication tool that gives individuals, teams and families a common vocabulary for building respect and understanding what each element needs in order to thrive.

People get the Four Path Elements quickly because all of the Elements exist in nature are part of our surroundings and environment.

Seeing the Elements in friends, relatives, co-workers, or family seems to electrify conversations and at the same time bring a calmness and respect that other tools might miss.  

Are you looking for clarity? Self-understanding? Ways to improve or strengthen lines of communication?

Follow the link to take the Path Elements Personality Assessment.  You will find options for discounts when purchasing for your family, team or organization.

We think you will learn something transformational about yourself.  Enjoy!

Take the Path Elements Personality Assessment