Using Ancient Wisdom to shape Visionary Leadership

We use a practical, step-by-step guide to prepare leaders for communicating and motivating people. 

The First Step is Self-Mastery

Using the Path and Path Elements tools we harness what is at your core.  Your ‘I am statements,’ what you believe about yourself, your energy, passion, and fears to name a few areas that are tapped in Self-Mastery.  Here the leader identifies their personal mission and how to embrace, own and lead with it.

The Second Step is Strength of Action

We then move to Elemental Best Practices.  We have condensed 100+ Best Practices into 28 principles so that every leader knows and understands how their direct actions for products, services, and management are perceived by others.  Harnessing attributes like boldness, visibility, taking the long view, and taking one step at a time strengthens leadership action. Elemental Best Practices is a grid for the leader and the team and encourages shared action.

The Third Step is Strength of Relationships

Then we take the temperature of the culture of the organization by using the 48 Pulse Points of Culture.  This helps to ensure that as leaders come and go the culture maintains solid footing while moving towards deepening relationships and results.  Giving the team a vision of something larger, empowering women, treating others equally, managing from the inside out, setting the example, serving others and seeing people as gifts to the team all add up to the Leadership Path.

The Leadership Path can be applied to any business, service, or endeavor that depends on more than one person to accomplish a goal, and can be implemented by anyone who dares

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Your role and job title aside for a moment.  Which area is calling you? Self Mastery?  Strength of Action? Relationships?

I have spent over thirty years working with CEO’s and leaders.  These are the three most common areas of leadership where the greatest impact can be made, shifted, or changed.


The Leadership Path