The heart of Scripture is always calling us to return….return to our homelands, return to our values, return to our First Love.
Return is also a word of paramount importance to any employer. What will be the ROI (return on my investment) if I hire you? What returns will you bring me? If I, like the wealthy master mentioned by Jesus, give you ten talents, will you bury them or underutilize them, leaving me less than what I began with? Or will you multiply them, giving me a worthy return? (See Matthew 25:14–30 if you’re unfamiliar with the story.)
As Spiritreneurs are we producing a good ROI for our clients, employer—and God?”

Quick quiz. What does this spell? ECNALUBMA

The puzzle would be easy to solve if you saw it in your rear-view mirror. The word is AMBULANCE, and it is deliberately painted backward on the front of the vehicle because someone thought through how and where it was going to be viewed.

Jesus knew we would need to return
Certainly it looked awkward to the person laying the letters out on the hood of the vehicle, but it makes perfect sense to the viewer who needs to be able to see it quickly and get out of the way.
It would be well for each person seeking a job to know how to write a résumé with backward spelling—not how it looks to them but how it is going to be viewed by the employer who needs a return. All too often we approach job opportunities from the viewpoint of what we will get from the employer, rather than considering his or her perspective—looking at us sitting there, wondering, What will be the return for me if I hire you?

Of course, you also need to consider your own return on investment for every job you take. It is wise to remember that every opportunity has a cost involved, either in lost time, lost income, or lost ability to explore other paths. For myself, I use my mission statement, vision statement, and Talent Shield as my ROI indicator.
In other words, I ask myself every time I have a new opportunity: Will this work enable me to live my mission and use my highest gifts? Is it in line with the positive vision I have for my life?
If the answer is yes to both questions, I say, “Go for it!” Anything less than 100 percent gets tabled.
I have dedicated my life to the concept and belief that each of us is created with a divine purpose. It is only as we discover that purpose and live it out in honor of God that we will find true happiness. Jesus said the same thing: “Seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well” (Luke 12:31).
Much of my life’s work can be summarized in this statement, “A New Vision for Your Life’s Work.” It is a real time and energy saver to write your mission statement and your vision statement before you begin any job search. It is also instructive to understand your highest gifts “relative” to your mission, and endeavor to remain in them at least 85 percent of the time.

How far have you strayed from your “country” or mission? How many “relative” gifts are you not using as you go about your work? If you will return to your country (mission) and the use of your gifts related to that mission, God will prosper you with peace.a real time and e

Jesus knew we would need to return.


Have you ever needed to return to God after journeying to a distant “land”? Do you need to do so now?

What nobility is there in the concept of returning?
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Remember, Spiritreneurs, to pay attention to ‘your need to return’ and not just the ROI for clients and others. I returned home when I was overwhelmed by a time of plenty. When Jesus CEO became a bestseller, I was unprepared for the sudden proposals (business and otherwise) that came flooding in. I couldn’t discern between new friends who were true and those who had agendas. So I went back home where I could be with family and friends who knew me “B.CEO,” as I call it.

Blessings for your week of living as a #Spiritreneur,
Laurie Beth