Absalom was the most beautiful of David’s sons. Scripture describes him as a man of great stature, with a head of hair so magnificent that he actually weighed it on occasion.

Now in all Israel there was no one who was praised as much as Absalom for his good looks. From the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him . . . He weighed the hair of his head at two hundred shekels according to the king’s standard” (2 Samuel 14:25–26).

Absalom invested heavily in his hair—priding himself on his locks. He also invested heavily in self-aggrandizement, positioning himself outside the city gates to try to build a following of rebels who might help him overthrow his father’s throne.

Absalom also invested heavily in revenge—slaying his half-brother for raping his sister Tamar. Absalom did not invest his emotions wisely. Absalom’s ending is one of the most tragic and ironic twists of fate in Scripture. Running through some low-lying trees in an attempt to escape David’s army, Absalom’s big beautiful hair got stuck in an oak tree, pulling him off his mount. There he dangles helplessly while one of David’s soldiers runs him through with his sword. Absalom literally dies hanging by one of his hang-ups.
Absalom, being David’s son, was heir to a vast inheritance. Yet he squandered any chance he had of greatness by not investing wisely his most precious assets, which were his mind and emotions.
Most studies confirm that thoughts cause emotions, not vice versa….
Absalom, in short, was not a spiritreneur. True spiritreneurs, like Jesus, set their hearts and minds on the kingdom of God, and take a disciplined approach toward doing so. Wise emotional investments don’t just happen. They require daily choices and an act of will.

All of us face those same temptations—some of us every day. Where shall I let my mind go today, tonight, right now? Touch any of those “bases”—pride, lust, envy, anger, slothfulness, covetousness, greed—and you’ve put a foot in quicksand.
Jesus invested his emotions wisely.



Are you lingering or leaping away?

Why must Spiritreneurs invest emotions wisely?

Which of the seven deadly sins are you facing right now?
Pride? Lust? Envy? Anger? Slothfulness? Covetousness? Greed?
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Spiritreneurs—those of us who live what we love and love what we live—never lack for something to do. We simply have to choose to get off the couch and do it.
Blessings for your week of living as a #Spiritreneur,
Laurie Beth