Jesus knew when to leave it alone ….
Spiritreneurs must know when, where, and how best to use the energy we’ve been given. A master craftsman works with nuances of detail—a touch here versus a hard rubbing there. Yet many spiritreneurs I’ve met feel that they must apply the same amount of effort, pressure, and time to every client and every deal.
Our time, our energy, our reputation are precious. There are some deals we shouldn’t touch . . . some people we don’t need to meet . . . some appointments we don’t need to keep . . . some opportunities we must ignore.

There are times in business when we spiritreneurs should also join the Leave It Alone Club. Like when someone starts gossiping about a competitor. Or when there is an argument going on between two staff members. Perhaps someone invites us to accept a favor from a less than reputable person . . . or a coworker slips us a flirtatious smile that says, “I’m all yours if you want me.”

When a spiritreneur reaches out to touch something that s/he knows should be left alone, the consequences can be severe.

Jesus was a memeber of the Leave it Alone Club …

Jesus knew he what it meant to be tempted. Jesus knew when to leave it alone.


What are you being tempted to reach out and grab, even though your inner voice is telling you to leave it alone?

Give five examples of business failures caused by leaders who could not leave well enough alone.

What is really motivating a person who has to take every call, close every deal?


Remember,Spiritreneurs, the essence of wisdom is knowing what to embrace and what to leave behind.
Blessings for your week of living as a #Spiritreneur,
Laurie Beth