Do you ever feel like no one understands you? Like you have to explain yourself on the simplest tasks? Or repeat yourself a thousand times a day because no one is listening?! We understand. We have had some of these same conversations.

Then we got clear…..

We started recognizing the patterns in communication

between parents and their kids, managers and their direct reports, CEO’s and their teams. You will quickly get this too. It’s simple in some ways and can go very deep in relationships, teams, and families.

Step 1: Take the Path Elements Personality Assessment

The Path Elements is simple.  Easy to remember.  Fun to share with those you spend time with.  Click the Path Elements Framework image below to take the Path Elements Personality Assessment.  Each person has the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind in their personality.  However, one or two of them tend to be your ‘go to’ response.  Take the Path Elements Personality Assessment to see how much of each Element you have, download your report and then notice how quickly you see yourself and others with more understanding, intention, and respect.

Step 2: Strengthen Your Relationships

If you want strengthen your relationships after taking the Path Elements Assessment, download the Relationship Styles PDF and begin to apply the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind with those you spend time with.  In the time it takes you to read a few pages of your Path Elements Report, you will begin to realize how your personal Elements have impacted your past and present relationships.  Use this info to improve upon your Elemental Strengths and Challenges.  Something you will see in your report is how ‘Challenges’ are perceived by the other Elements.  This section of the report is worth making the purchase.  It could literally change and shift how you see your relationships and how others perceive you.


The Four Elements of Communication and the Path Elements Assessment will strengthen your relationships and your communication. That’s what people keep telling us. (smile)