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You depend on groups. You depend on the successful outcomes of teamwork.
And the keys to productive relationships — whether in a billion-dollar organization or family — are as basic as fire, earth, water, and wind. Discover how the Path Elements can profoundly affect you, your relationships or your team.

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Path Elements Profile for Groups

Four Inspired Weekends
If you are a person that likes to get-a-way for your dose of inspiration then you will find the Inspired Weekends to be meet that need. Four times a year Laurie Beth will host an Inspired Weekend event in San Diego. Plan a weekend around your vacation or time off and enjoy some time in San Diego while you share with Laurie Beth. Choose your Inspired Weekend!
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The Inspired Leader
The Inspiring Resources by Laurie Beth are designed to be used to bring clarity, purpose and focus to the lives of individuals and teams. The tools and resources are ideal for those leading groups, coaching others, leading a team or desiring to become trained in one of the programs.

Our Path4Teens program is uniquely designed to help teens quickly and easily create a mission statement that will guide them through the many choices, and distractions, as they grow towards their dreams.

Group Leader

Inspiring Connection
A Message From Laurie Beth
Recently I went through my storage shed.  I uncovered boxes and boxes of letters from people who wanted to reach out and tell me what my books had done for them.  Many of them wanted me to share insights into their particular writing or business needs.  I gazed down at the letters that were numbered.  #1485.  #1486. This was in a box marked “samples of correspondence.” There were simply more people than I had time.  And I, and perhaps they, missed a chance at a divine connection.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much.  A few sentences and questions, timely placed, and divinely led, can open up a soul.

So now that I have the time, I want to make myself available to you in ways that still make sense for you and your schedule, and me and mine.  My devoted team has worked long and hard to come up with these three options—options which would allow you and I to interact personally.

I am a cup brimming over, and I am willing to pour.  Are you willing to receive?
I know we will both be blessed.

Inspiring Divine Connection
Laurie Beth

Connection Options

Virtual Inspiration
There are a variety of ways to be inspired by Laurie Beth. The internet makes it easy to stay connected, engaged and practical about where you find your weekly dose of inspiration. Laurie Beth uses several platforms that allow her to be mobile and yet feel free to deliver content, writings, stories and engage with others as they are on the go too. What is interesting about Laurie Beth is she loves periods of silence when she can focus, recharge and bring ‘fresh Wind’ and ‘fresh Fire’ to her mission and purpose (Laurie Beth is a Wind-Fire on the Path Elements Profile). Feel free to engage and stay connected as much as you can through the virtual platforms of inspiration.

30 Days of Inspiration: Join the 30 Days of Inspiration List here

Weekly Radio Inspiration: Interviews and topics about Personal, Spiritual, Business/Entrepreneur, Teams and Leadership. Listen to an upcoming live show or an archived show here: Radio Show

Facebook Inspiration: Enjoy Laurie’s Live. Breath. Joy Moments and daily posts of inspiration from your facebook page. Like her page here: Inspiring Divine Connection

Twitter Inspiration: Short bites of inspiration and joy! Follow Laurie Beth on Twitter.

Blog Inspiration: Many of Laurie’s thoughts, inspirational messages and some of her stories for new book material are found on her blog. Follow her blog here.

Connection and Inspiration: Subscribe to a Connection Option and meet with Laurie Beth via your smart phone. Connect and Inspire.

Inspiring Others To Lead
Many of Laurie’s books have been written from the perspective of how Jesus led his team. Her books are filled with insight, wisdom and encouragement for leaders and managers of any size team or organization.

Jesus CEO offers three specific traits for leading a visionary team.
Teach Your Team to Fish offers the four insights for inspiring your team.
Jesus Entrepreneur offers advice for how to launch and live your dreams.
Jesus Life Coach is a playbook for success.
Jesus in Blue Jeans reveals insight into attaining spirituality and grace as a leader.

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